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This is a compilation of 101 Favorite Things To Do in Mazatlán. Submit your Favorite Things To Do in Mazatlán and we will consider them for our list. Send your photos too!

Email Sylvia for Spanish and Hank for English.

1- Sunset on the Beach
2- Sunrise at El Faro
on Cerro de Crestón
3- Evenings at Plazuela Machado
4- Sunset cruise around Bird Island
5- Sea-shell gathering at Playa Brujas
6- Sunday on Stone Island
7- Rock studies at Lookout Hill
8- Lookout Hill vantage of full moon over the ocean
9- Day trip to Concordia-Copala
10- Trip down the Malecón, walking or driving, day or night
11- Bike ride through Cerritos
12- Day at the Bosque de la Ciudad
13- Drive to El Caimanero
14- Family Day at Mazagua
15- Plazuela Machado open-air concerts
16- Drive from Cerritos to Ferry
17- Sunset from Canon Monument
18- Walk the Malecón (anytime)
19- Bay cruise to Stone Island
20- Beach with the Family near Faro Mazatlán
21- Taking a bike ride on the Malecón
22- Shopping at the Mercado for fruits and vegetables
23- Enjoying the beach and seafood at a palapa on Stone Island
24- Enjoying sunset with friends & cerveza from the top of the Hotel Freeman, Olas Altas
25- Teaching Monotype in Mazatlán; printing workshops to local artists and visitors in my studio
26- First Fridays Artwalk & receptions at Luna: Arte Contemporaneo, Museo de Arte
27- Going for a morning walk up Centenario and up the Matador Steps
28- Practicing yoga with a view of the Ocean or swimming at Playa Norte
29- Dinner and live music at Macaw's, Pedro & Lola's or other sidewalk cafes in Plaza Machado
30- Trip to Las Labradas, petroglyph site
31- Sailing to Deer Island on a Hobie Cat
32- Horseback Riding on Stone island
33- Walking Cerritos Beach
34- Rollerblade or Bike the Malecón
35- Sunsets from Los Pinos Beach
36- Beach comb at Playa Delfin
37- Kayak in the new Marina Area
38- Dance in the Carnaval Festivities
39- Visit the Old Mazatlán and have lunch there
40- Enjoy delicious shrimp tacos at Plaza Machado
41- Partake in Carnaval Festivities
42- Eat a Papa Loca (giant baked potatoes) from a street side vendor
43- A tour of the Ángela Peralta Theater Opera House
44- Visit the museum and buy souvenirs in the Marketplace
45- Walk 20 miles up on the Stone Island, an empty beach lined with coconut palms
46- Lie down in a Palapa Restaurant hammock and have a beer
47- Stroll along at the Malecón
48- Enjoy the view of the Malecón and it beautiful statues and monuments
49- Walk along the Paseo Claussen and through Old Mazatlán before ending at Playa Olas Altas
50- Jogging, cycling or just strolling with the sunset at the beach
51- Lie down at Playa Las Gaviotas
52- Get away from the craziness and just be by yourself on an empty beach
53- Rent a banana boat ride or horses at Stone Island
54- Have a tour in the Green bus Sábalo Centro, it only cost $10 pesos and have air conditioner!
55- Watch the view on the top of Hotel Freeman
56- Sail out into the Sea of Cortez and saw several schools of tuna feeding right beside the sailboat
57- Visit the Magic Town of Concordia and eat a Raspado
58- Take a catamaran from the beach out to one of the three islands to spend the day
59- Spend the day hiking the Stone Island, sunbathing and meeting other visitors
60- Get dive bombed by the pelicans on a boat trip. You’ll have great pictures!
61- Once you have visited Plazuela Machado, the Ángela Peralta Theater, Nidart, and numerous other sites in the area, it is fun to just walk around the neighborhood and look at all the beautiful old buildings, some of which have been restored, some not, and that really makes them interesting!
62- Take a golf cart looking like Taxis called Pulmonía, they are fun and convenient
63- Visit the best known monument in the city, the Monumento al Pescador is a symbol of Mazatlán
64- Visit the Central Square (Plazuela República) and sit and watch daily life of the place from the many benches they have
65- Have your shoes shined; partake of some refreshments or enjoy a free Sunday evening concert at Plazuela Machado
66- Visit the Stone Island and eat at one of the palapa-covered restaurants that specialize in delicious, fresh seafood, and enjoy the miles of deserted beaches lined with palm trees to relax and work on the tan!
67- Visit the Tequila Factory at half hour outside Mazatlán
68- Take a Deer Island tour, for sure, hours of relaxing in the sun and fun-filled adventures
69- Shopping in the Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone. You have multiple of choices for buying authentic Mexican crafts and souvenirs
70- Head over to Old Mazatlán to see the most cultural side to Mazatlán. The people are friendly and there is a lot to buy!
71- Go to Deer Island by Catamaran and make some snorkeling. It's totally unbelievable!!!
72- Get a kiss from a sea lion at Acuario
73- If you love the performing arts, plan to visit Mazatlán in November and December and witness captivating theatrical and musical performances in and around the Ángela Peralta Theater
74- Go to Basilica of the Immaculate Conception at night when there are fewer people and contemplate more than a century-old church's new evening lighting
75- Hike up to the Lighthouse, El Faro. You can see it across the bay from the Zona Dorada and it's quite high up. Good views from up there
76- Take a tour and be lucky enough to be followed by the dolphins on your trip
77- Travel out of the Golden Zone!
78- Visit Copala where you can relax in a "back-in-time" trip
79- Head over to Old Mazatlán to see the most cultural side to Mazatlán. The people are friendly and there is a lot to buy!
80- Go on a walking tour of downtown, try the unique out of the way restaurants...enjoy life as the locals do
81- Learn about the history of Mazatlán which is rich in history and culture and it is wonderful to hear and learn about it
82- You can get the story behind old buildings, plantation types of land, cultural facts...all from someone who's lived there probably most of their lives
83- Enjoy the sport events that are all year round like the Mexican Baseball League of the Pacific from October through January
84- Spend a few hours enjoying the vitality and innovation of contemporary Mexican art with changing exhibitions of digital works, sculpture, print and painting that the Art Museum has to offer
85- Explore the regional crafts of Sinaloa with a trip to Concordia and Mesillas
86- Visit the bakery in Malpica at Concordia
87- Leave the beachy vibe of Mazatlán behind and venture to the rural village of El Quélite
88- Visit the Vinata Tequila Distillery at La Noria
89- With a margarita in hand, set out for a scenic cruise to Stone Island and spend the afternoon playing volleyball at the beach or just enjoy the tropical ambiance
90- Visit the Archeology Museum and fascinate with the pre-Hispanic archaeological finds
91- Shopping fresh shrimp with the Camaroneras or Shrimp ladies
92- Feel like a professional photographer and take pictures of the eclectic neoclassical architecture of some buildings in the Old Mazatlán
93- Visit the Plaza Machado at the evening and enjoy the live music, delight in the ambiance and dinner a fine food served at the sidewalk cafes
94- Walk with your couple hand-in-hand on the Malecón to watch the sunset
95- Visit the Museo Casa Machado, a restored 19th century house filled with antique French and Austrian furniture
96- If you visit Mazatlán on September, you can go to CineSeptiembre. It's an annual international film festival at Ángela Peralta Theater
97- Get a taste of Mazatlán’s arts through the First Friday Artwalk it an art walk held on the first Friday of each month from November through May
98- Enjoy the Spring Equinox Festival at Las Labradas in March
99- Delight with a baseball game at Teodoro Mariscal Stadium and eat a hot buttered corn in a cup (amply seasoned, of course) with an ice-cold Pacífico beer
100- Take a day in the brand new renovated Carpa Olivera Ocean-fed public swimming pool in Olas Altas
101- The Carnaval!! Anything else to say!