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Who We Are

Mazatlán's Pacific Pearl is an English language newspaper in Mazatlán, México aimed at providing useful and interesting information to the English speaking community and the many English speaking guests that visit the area.

Since 1992, we have inspired hundreds of thousands of readers to travel to Mazatlán. Our aspirational yet accessible content presented in a friendly format makes people want to travel and connect with our advertisers to make their travel dreams come true.

We will help you get your brand and your product in front of more than 2 million travellers!

Why Advertise With the Pacific Pearl?

Our strategy is engagement, both online and offline, and at every stage with our readers and advertisers.

Mazatlán's Pacific Pearl is mobile friendly!

We offer a variety of advertising options in both our print magazine as well as online.

Advertising with us includes a banner at the top of each of our website pages. In addition, you can develop a full ad for display throughout our website and in our magazine. Details for developing your ad can be found in our Media Kits. And we are available to help you every step of the way!

English Media Kit

Spanish Media Kit

Want to join the Pacific Pearl as an advertiser? We are excited to connect with you.

Pop us an e-mail to Sylvia for Spanish and Hank for English and our team will be in touch to answer any of your questions.