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The places listed below are within a day (or two) round trip from Mazatlan. They provide a great way to experience the culture and history of Sinaloa in a variety of different environments. Please click the link in the box to learn more about a given location.

Choix, Sinaloa

Come and see! With a vast traditional architecture and wide range of tourist services, the municipality of Choix is ​​a reference in the northern area of ​​the state of Sinaloa.

Concordia, Sinaloa

Beautiful town one hour southeast of mazatlán. Its main attraction is the Chara Pinta Reserve. In the town, you can find the San Sebastián de Concordia Temple, the only baroque style temple in the state, and the City Hall.

Copala, Sinaloa

Copala, the perfect place to escape the heat in Sinaloa. Located at the foot of the Western Sierra Madre, this colorful mining town has a well preserved old town with attractions like the San José Copala Temple, built in 1765.

Cosala, Sinaloa

This Magical Town was founded in 1562 and is one of the main attractions of the state. Between the majestic hills that belong to the great Sierra Madre Occidental is a town that seems to have stopped time, with a colonial architecture of the 17th century.

El Fuerte, Sinaloa

The Chepe (Chihuahua-Pacific Train) stops in El Fuerte, one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Sinaloa’s northwestern region. For centuries it was a major trading post for gold and silver miners.

El Quelite, Sinaloa

About 30 miles northeast of Mazatlan lies the picturesque colonial pueblito of El Quelite. The beautiful streets of this village are invitingly strollable and litter-free, mostly cobbled and lined with subtropical trees, shrubs, and colorful flowers spilling onto the sidewalks.

El Rosario, Sinaloa

El Rosario has natural attractions like the Iguanero Lagoon. You can visit the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Temple, the ruins of the old Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Temple, and the Santa Cruz Chapel.

Elota, Sinaloa

Elota in Sinaloa (region) is a town located in Mexico - about 578 mi (or 931 km) North-West of Mexico City, the country's capital city. Visit the Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción Parish Temple, the General José Aguilar Barraza House, the Cruz del Perdón, and the Coal Furnaces in la Cruz.

Imala, Sinaloa

Imala is a rural community located at a Town that bears the same name, which belongs to Culiacan. Here you can visit the old Jesuit mission of San Ignacio Choix, the Community Museum, the José Ángel Espinoza Ferrusquilla Culture House.

Mocorito, Sinaloa

Founded in 1594, Mocorito has interesting places such as: the old Jesuit misión of San Miguel Arcángel, the Miguel Hidalgo Plaza, the Municipal “Reforma” Cementery and the Old Elementary School Lic. Benito Juarez.

Ignacio, Sinaloa

Saint Ignatius of Loyola is the patron saint of Ignacio. San Ignacio, Sinaloa, formally San Ignacio de Loyola, is a beautiful rural Sinaloa town. Located on the edge of the Los Frailes Range in the Sierra Madre mountains.

Sinaloa de Leyva, Sinaloa

Sinaloa de Leyva's narrow, cobbled streets maintain their old-time appearance, adorned by nineteenth-century mansions. The Spanish baptized this place as Villa de San Felipe and Santiago de Sinaloa, a name that extended to the present.

Villa de Ahome, Sinaloa

Villa de Ahome has a great history of more than 400 years, and is close to Los Mochis, connected to the city by a highway. Here you will find the traditional central plaza, surrounded by colonial mansions and cobbled streets.