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In response to: Centro Historico: A River Runs Through It

Comment from: Capt. Jim [Visitor]

Capt. Jim

I haven’t been to Mazatlan in decades but spent plenty of time there from the ’70s through the ’90s. Saddened to see this basic hygienic issue hasn’t been addressed yet. Hopefully, Mr. Streit’s article will light a fire under the person who can rectify it.

In response to: Eclipse Path Visualized

Comment from: Hank Peavler [Visitor]

Hank Peavler

This is a major event for Mazatlan. Tourists, scientists and the curious will flood into Mazatlan. Maybe more than for Carnaval. Very interesting to note the path through Mexico and into the USA.

Another great Christmas story, Rich. Here in Mazatlán during the past week I’ve visited and witnessed several of the Fiestas that are associated with the Posada. Both streets to my home were blocked Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with parties going on all night. Very colorful with lots of food, music and dancing. One new innovation is the loudspeaker which can be heard for blocks away, involving the neighbors in the celebration, whether they wish to be involved or not.

In response to: Christmas Traditions in Mexico

Comment from: Hank [Member]

Thanks Rich. This is an excellent guide to begin understanding the festive way that Mexicans enjoy the holiday season. I’ve been to a couple of Posadas and they are a lot of fun.

In response to: Mazatlán Eclipsed

Comment from: Hank [Member]

What a great article, Rich. I thought I knew all there was to know about eclipses from my science classes all those years ago. Very thorough and interesting.

In response to: Driving in Mazatlan, Benefits and Hazards

Comment from: Hank [Member]

Heather, our office is at Ave. Rafael Buelna 758-B; Lomas De Mazatlan. Across Rafael Buelna from the Honda Dealership.
Not far from Home Depot, on the same side of the street as Soriana. You can call 669-330-8942 if you get lost. Hope to see you soon. Hank

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